Europastry leading company in the frozen bread and pastry dough sector at a European level, with factories located throughout the national territory, Europe and the United States, with more than 30 years offering solutions to pastry chefs and restaurateurs.
In its continued commitment to R & D and with the commitment to meet the needs of products demanded by its customers, it enters the bread marker at its Vallmoll factory.
In 2017, VM Systems designed a machine tailored to perform the function of marking the bread and meet the customer’s requirement, ensuring reliable operation, preventing the incidence of work accidents and maximizing productivity.
The operation of the bread marker is based on the combination of an electrical system-accompanied by a linear interpolator of axes that allow the maneuvers of elevation movement of the marker plate, this coupled with an electrical resistance that reaches the necessary plasma temperature the stencil drawing engraved on the metal plate on the bread.


Register Mo1571
Client Europastry
Product Bread
Country Spain