Our clients


During all these years we have helped more than 250 companies to automate it. We have executed nearly 500 projects.

We operate in different countries and have helped, over more than 25 years, more than 250 companies to achieve the best automation process, thanks to our state-of-the-art integrated solutions. After executing nearly 500 projects, we are proud to say that our work is a guarantee of trust, quality, professionalism, durability and innovation.

Companies such as Comexi, Mercadona, Henkel, Nestle or Unilever have trusted in our work, receiving from us the highest commitment in the customized solutions we have offered for them, obtaining advantages and improving the optimization in their production processes, from the first day of their installation.

This type of large-scale work allows us to guarantee the greatest commitment and the best results in our work, because leading companies in the industrial sector decided to invest in VM SYSTEMS getting solve automation problems in your company, in an adapted and customized way, obtaining a higher performance in all their equipment and machinery.

Our machines are designed and intended to adapt to many types of situations within the industrial sector, from more traditional options to the most robotized.

Any industry that needs to automate the case packing or palletizing process can be a customer of VM Systems, as well as manufacturers of complementary machinery to ours and thus be able to offer more complete solutions.