Series CET – Cutter / extractor / strip shredder, in manual or automatic version.

The cutter, stripper and strip shredder is the ideal for solving the problem of strip lianas during the production.

The CET series is available in three versions:

a) Cut and manually removing the straps and hand introduction into the shredder

b) Cutting and automatic extraction without shredding

c) Cutting, automatic extraction and introducing into the shredder

Our equipments are characterized by low maintenance costs. We help to reduce production costs with our ECO-Works System (Stop & Go) through which we can control the movements / dead cycles of the machines. It is available for robotic and conventional palletizing systems.

The installation can be completed with the automatic movement of pallets, which consists of a pallet warehouse, a conveyor for moving empty pallets from the warehouse to the palletizing area and a conveyor system for full pallets.