VM SYSTEMS, a specialized company committed to its customers.

We are a company specialized in the design and production of complex automation systems and in the creation of solutions adapted to the needs required by each of the industrial sectors, in which we have most of our customers. Our greatest commitment is to meet the needs of all our customers, always offering comprehensive, professional solutions fully adapted to their needs.

After more than 25 years of experience in the sector of palletizing and automated production processes, in VM SYSTEMS you will find unique proposals of high quality, as well as the integral development and planning of projects that are developed in our design and engineering department, always equipped with the latest technology in 3D design.

Companies such as Comexi, Mercadona, Henkel, Nestle or Unilever have trusted in our work, receiving from us the greatest commitment in the customized solutions we have offered to each of them. They are very successful companies, benchmarks in the industrial sector, which have been able to benefit from many of our services, obtaining advantages and improving the optimization of their production processes, from the first day of their installation. Currently we can proudly say that VM SYSTEMS has been able to help more than 250 companies in automation processes, being able to execute 500 projects of different types and with diverse needs.

This type of large-scale work allows us to guarantee the greatest commitment and the best results in our work, because leading companies in the industrial sector decided to invest in VM SYSTEMS, managing to solve automation problems in your company, in an adapted and customized way, getting a better performance of all their equipment and machinery.


In VM SYSTEMS you will find a global service of the highest quality, which will allow you to get the equipment you need in your company. They are machines designed and conceived to adapt to many types of situations within the industrial sector, from more traditional options to more robotized options, which aim to offer an adapted and efficient service to all industrial sectors that need it.

At VM SYSTEMS we can offer you integral solutions for automated handling, always adjusted to the real needs of your company. Here we explain each and every one of our solutions, so that you know what they can bring you and which option may be the best for your company.


VM SYSTEMS equipment allows to work with maximum performance and the highest quality, offering low maintenance costs, thanks to the ECO-Works system (Stop&Go), which allows to control both the movements and the dead cycles of the equipment itself, whether robotized or not, to optimize their production to the maximum.

For VM SYSTEMS, human relations are the most important value, because above all we present a service aimed at people. We are guided by respect and ethics in all our products and services, to contribute to improve the quality of production in companies, always thinking to contribute, as much as possible, to promote sustainable industrial processes that think about the welfare of the planet.

Visit our website to know all the characteristics of each of our services, with which you will achieve great changes in your company. We can offer you customized solutions specially designed for all types of industrial sectors, which are able to adapt perfectly to all types of companies. Contact us to receive our advice, to start working together on this project that will mean a before and after for the operation and productivity of your company.

All our solutions are based on automated handling, to facilitate the work in the industrial sector. We operate in different countries and we have helped, over more than 25 years, more than 250 companies to achieve the best automation process in their company, thanks to our state-of-the-art integrated solutions. After executing nearly 500 projects we can say that our work is a guarantee of trust, quality, professionalism, durability and innovation.