Series DESPA / ARS – Automatic Robotic palletising system with own manufactured grippers as the pneumatic mattress, push pull, magnetic, etc … for different applications according to customer needs The flexible solution to automated palletising, with a variety of accessories for different items to depalletized.

We offer the integration of robots with 4, 5 and 6 axes on production lines that require special depalletizing applications.

VM Systems designs and builds the gripper according to the product (size, weight and fragility) for optimal operation response.

Our equipments are characterized by low maintenance costs. We help to reduce production costs with our ECO-Works System (Stop & Go) through which we can control the movements / dead cycles of the machines. It is available for robotic and conventional palletizing systems.

The installation can be completed with the automatic movement of pallets, which consists of a pallet warehouse, a conveyor for moving empty pallets from the warehouse to the palletizing area and a conveyor system for full pallets.