Nowadays, due to the large number of references handled by companies, the immediacy of markets and the seasonality of certain products, automating the palletizing process at the end of the line is practically an obligation if you want to prosper in a market as volatile and globalized as the one we live in.

From small productions that are developed in plants with reduced space, to multiple robot solutions capable of managing the palletizing of complex productions with different types of formats, today, any company looking for speed and efficiency in its processes must consider the application of an automatic solution.

Due to the continuous and constant growth of the sector, these robots are becoming more and more accessible to any company wishing to automate the case packing or palletizing process.

Thanks to this type of installation, we achieve greater flexibility in production processes and ensure an increasingly rapid return on investment (ROI).

Companies implement these solutions because a single palletizing cell can handle multiple production lines; however, they also generate a greater accumulation on the conveyors. For this reason it is necessary to decide which type of solution is best suited to each customer’s operation and budget. For this purpose, our highly valued sales department will help you choose the best solution for automated handling, always adjusted to the real needs of your company.

We can generalize the benefits of implementing palletizing systems at the end of the line:

  • Efficiency: automation allows to reduce downtime to the maximum, being able to offer 24/7 performance and, therefore, increase efficiency and productivity, one of the keys to competitiveness today.
  • Optimization of the physical production space: Thanks to the constant dialogue with customers, we achieve a high level of customization in our facilities, where we always seek to optimize the physical production space of their facilities to the maximum, to ensure that future modifications and expansions can be carried out.
  • Process quality: Another great advantage of the automation of industrial processes is the increase of all quality ratios, as in the precise palletizing of all types of materials.