Case forming machine

VM Systems – series SYSTEM CASE is a high performance machine with forced opening system, for a wide range of different bottom flaps and closure with adhesive tape or hot melt glue. Design for big size cases up to 650 x 550 and high production speed with a motorised folded boxes store up to 2,500 mm in length and the ability to accommodate a coil grip tape of 400 mm in diameter.

Production up 15 minutes boxes.

Forced opening of the boxes by a squaring mechanical framework.

Available in right or left hand version.

Quick format change by numbered spindles

Touch screen with user-friendly display of machine functions and alarms.

Can be adapted / customized to the different production needs and specifications of each customer.

Our equipments are characterized by low maintenance costs. We help to reduce production costs with our ECO-Works System (Stop & Go )  through which we can control the movements / dead cycles of the machines. It is available for robotic and conventional palletizing systems.

The installation can be completed with the automatic movement of pallets, which consists of a pallet warehouse, a conveyor for moving empty pallets from the warehouse to the palletizing area and a conveyor for full pallets.