Robot palletizer boxes Kellogs

Kelloggs, leading multinational company in the manufacture of cereals in the world acquires 6 robotic lines for the palletization of boxes of different formats. VM Systems as a leading company in the automation designed and conditioned the 6 lines of the technology necessary to carry out the transport and palletizing robotized of these managing to increase productivity in the factory. The cell consists of different transport sections where boxes are received individually, these are unfolded and accumulated to be pushed in group to the tape where the robot will pick them up. The robot has a clamp attached to the axis 6 controlled by servos that allows the compaction of the group of boxes and move them to the square of palé.Se created a mosaic system introduced in the HMI recipe system, through this the operator can choose the product to be processed and the robot will position each of the layers on the pallet until complete.


Register Mo1600, Mo1612-Mo1616
Client Kelloggs
Product Boxes
Country Spain